There are two Kind of People in our World.

Per request I have translated my post in English.

Dear bloggers,

In my humble opinion I have to say that it feels for me at the moment that there are only two kind of people in our countries. The Givers and the Takers .

The Givers:

These are the people who are sticking their necks out in a crisis like this to keep you all healthy, all aid workers, police, hospitals , doctors, nurses and former healthcare professionals who sign up in large numbers to help out. Employees of supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, transport companies , delivery services and public transportation to ensure these vital people of our society are able to go to work. These people also have a family and when I read in the news the numbers of how many people are infected in healthcare, I think: They will certainly be afraid as well of infecting their family, but will continue their work as long as they are able to for YOU! !!

And fortunately there are also many people in our country who are aware of the risks, nevertheless go out of their way to help their fellow human as much as they are able in the given situation and the measures to abide.

Therefore a big thank you to all GIVERS in our society. ❤


In fact, I could be brief about that. Just watch the news and social media to see who the takers are. Those are the people in our society who selfish ignore all given and required measures, Still go en masse with public transportation or car to the beach, to the stores practicing extreme hoarding , those yelling at each other by means of name calling in the stores , not only each other but also the store employees, hold prohibit parties, hang out together on closed restaurant terraces with their takeaway food. Do not keep the required distance from each other, do not take their fellow man into account at all.

Personally I think many companies are also guilty of this. A single example: Ikea indicates that their stores are closed, good initiative you might think, yet to my surprise I read that you are able to pick up your online ordered items at the stores. Why, when Ikea delivers at home? MacDonald’s places a call on facebook telling us they have an outside counter to order and pick up. Two customers our allowed at the counter at the same time. This also applies to a lot of other companies, large or small. Customers are lured by these types of calls, which are in my humble opinion completely illogical.

And finally this:

A government can take all measures as necessary , but for the measures to work out, we as society also have to take our own responsibility as well.

Happy Day , stay healthy!

15 Replies to “There are two Kind of People in our World.”

  1. Very good post Francina! Here we have had young people actually take things out of carts of older shoppers and run off with it, because some items are in short supply right now. Hard to believe that people would do that. Have a wonderful day!😃😺🌞

    1. Thank you, Steve, I know, it’s just sad.. I could not believe it either, that’s why i wrote this, a post I wished I had not to write,
      You to have a wonderful day too, Steve, keep healthy! 🙂

  2. Francine!
    That was so kind of you! I thought WordPress had a way to do this and will look into it. But in the meantime you have certainly proven yourself to be a giver My heartfelt thanks to you for your kindness and for your wise observations of human nature. May this prove to be a time more and more givers grow!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you kindly, and you’re welcome, it was my pleasure to do so!
      Yes, may this time bring also many good and positive things, and indeed may more and more givers grow.
      stay healthy!

    2. Hi, Deb, there is a translate widget you can use on your site. Not sure how accurate it is though and Francina good post and I’ve heard of people sending different members of their family in to get a further load of shopping to add to their hoard!!

    3. Thank you , Martin, for letting know how to use the widget. I did not know that either.
      Also thank for your appreciated comment. Sometimes we need to write about something we don’t even like to write about.
      Stay Healthy !

    4. Merci beaucoup, Martin! Thanks also for your lovely prose and photos which I just popped over to see!💛I received two gifts from you ce matin!

      I felt so guilty buying deux jars of almond butter I almost took one back. But I’ve always bought deux au trios at a time parceque there’s only one store that carries the brand we like. Does that count as hoarding? Oui, je pense. Maitenant c’est le temp etre even more sensitive and considerate to all our neighbors. Anyway, mon espere dit il est preparing to cut petite squares of paper towels because there is no toilet paper available in our neighborhood…, c’est la vie. C’est tres domage…it is domage aussie that I only parle un petit francais…:( mais maintenant le temps etudier! Non?! 🙂

      Many Thanks for your kindness!


    1. Dear Deb, thank you for your visit and your question. . And it was my pleasure to visit your blog. ❤️

      I will translate my post in English and post it at the article, will let you know when done. It’s for me no problem to do so.

      Keep safe and healthy 🙏

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