There are moments it would be better for the blind one to see ,a seeing one to be blind, a mute one to speak, the speaking one to be mute, and the deaf one to hear, a hearing one to be deaf. To let reason, reasons within reason, for justice to clearly see injustice, and …


Under a clear blue sky sounds from ripened wheat roll as rippling waves over hills in golden valleys the solitary olive tree shines as an emerald embedded in gold.    

Winter Mood

Through sheer layers of mist the fading sound from a distant train, down the street houses look like ghosts with their dark hollow eyes, reflecting no more than the coldness outside, footsteps bounce back from silence in this vacuum coloured by grays, where the living are not to be found, yet one soul still wanders …

Het Sluitstuk (with translation)

Het sluitstuk op de agenda sluit niet meer, het is stuk, geveld door een hamerslag ligt het daar, gebroken, nu de meeting is gesloten. ----------------------------------------------------- The final piece on the agenda, is no longer final, it’s in pieces felled by the  hammer blow, there it lies , broken, when the meeting was adjourned.

No Room

When I refused to sacrifice my soul on the sacred alter in the temple of your love, you shunned me from your heart, there is no room for such heathen. an old poem, revised.  

Shadow Girl

Somehow this photo I made triggered these thoughts. Shadow Girl Overshadowed by his demanding ways, she quietly lives her days, almost unnoticed she passes through life, too afraid to step out into a brighter light. please click on photo for larger image.


Verloren in landschappen van verlangen, laat ik vlinders sterven in de vale dageraad, om mij te omhullen met fragmenten van onmogelijkheden. --------------------------- Lost in landscapes of desire, I let butterflies die in the pale dawn, to wrap myself with fragments of impossibilities.