On Yellow Mountain

On Yellow Mountain monks in saffron robes climb steps to see Buddha's light rolling down the mountainside the sound of chanting voices  

Haiku’s VI

I. too many years passed even in my dreams your face is slowly fading II. fireflies star dreams in old abandoned vineyard blue grapes fall unseen III. the morning after a white orchid by the shrine Buddha's smile

Haiku’s I

I. on the gray side-walk a snail's abandoned shell he is moving too II. on a broken branch a coot arrays her feathers together downstream III. at fisherman's feet a red cat stares in the creek she waits for  catch too

Haiku’s II

I. stroll down waterfront last glance at the Milky Way before turning in II. dancers form circle two-stepping silhouettes throw shadows on the grass III. on midsummer's night a swim under starlit sky scent of moon-flowers


I. beauty of Dal Lake pale hands place a white iris on the lapping waves II. above mountain peaks eagles soar in search for prey in sun drenched valley III. high on the mountain ripples of moonlight drift across tranquil lake