Nowadays Now there are these daysI just wish to be the moonand creep into your roomto caress you with my rays.


There are moments it would be better for the blind one to see ,a seeing one to be blind, a mute one to speak, the speaking one to be mute, and the deaf one to hear, a hearing one to be deaf. To let reason, reasons within reason, for justice to clearly see injustice, and …

On Yellow Mountain

On Yellow Mountain monks in saffron robes climb steps to see Buddha's light rolling down the mountainside the sound of chanting voices  

For all the Times

For all those  times of what could have been, but never was, for all those chances that have been given, just never taken, and all these years the seasons turned, one by one, now, at the break of dawn, the wind will no longer whisper your name, for time has run out, and all chances …

At Night

The night offers a resting place when all city noises are subdued, and the single passer-by is nothing more than a faceless silhouette on the other side of the street, where your shadow rises to dance, back , forth and around, at every street light you pass, and night-lights on a high-rise remind you of stars you …

No More Reasons

No more reasons left to write, the pen lies useless on the desk, to gather dust instead of words. Why expose in black on white, there is nothing left to be said, for silence itself has no chords. No song sings in a soul. bereft of its whole.  


Under a clear blue sky sounds from ripened wheat roll as rippling waves over hills in golden valleys the solitary olive tree shines as an emerald embedded in gold.