Under a clear blue sky sounds from ripened wheat roll as rippling waves over hills in golden valleys the solitary olive tree shines as an emerald embedded in gold.    

The Statue

Outlined by just the warm light shining from the windows for everyone to be seen she stands there looking at the pond through passing seasons she always stands there motionless chiseled out of stone emotionless looking at the pond.  

At Day’s End

Even on top of the highest dune one cannot see beyond the horizon, only watch how the waves break - and see the water drops rejoin, to become a part of the sea again. Is it not with our life the same? For we cannot see a new tomorrow just how the day comes to …

City Gate

Through all these centuries the church towers still reach faithfully towards the sky, yet under the stone bridge, the river is forever on its way to an unknown destination.

Shade of Black

At night, out on the deck beneath a moonless sky, surrounded by the emptiness of the purest shade of black, in where shadows do not exist. Just I, and the sound of water within the deep of darkness

Reflectie (Reflection)

Jij bent zoals de zee, en ik ben zoals het zand jij neemt en jij geeft in jouw getijden golven verander ik constant. ----------------------------------- You are like the sea and I am like the sand you take and you give with your ebbing and flowing I  constantly change


Shadows in the wind, whispers, voices from the past of those never to return, lovers lust for love in twilight's of the days, travelers on the road in search of a truth, purer than their own.

In de Duisternis ( w/Translation)

In de duisternis verkleuren herinneringen naar middernachtblauw, verwaaien alle onvervulde wensen met het sterrenstof, weerkaatst maanlicht in de scherven van onbereikbare dromen, in de duisternis vervagen grenzen tussen wat was, wat is. ---------------------------------------------------------------- In the darkness, memories discolour into midnight blue, drift all unfulfilled wishes with the stardust, reflects moonlight in the shards of impossible …

Winter Mood

Through sheer layers of mist the fading sound from a distant train, down the street houses look like ghosts with their dark hollow eyes, reflecting no more than the coldness outside, footsteps bounce back from silence in this vacuum coloured by grays, where the living are not to be found, yet one soul still wanders …

Het Sluitstuk (with translation)

Het sluitstuk op de agenda sluit niet meer, het is stuk, geveld door een hamerslag ligt het daar, gebroken, nu de meeting is gesloten. ----------------------------------------------------- The final piece on the agenda, is no longer final, it’s in pieces felled by the  hammer blow, there it lies , broken, when the meeting was adjourned.