At Day’s End

Even on top of the highest dune one cannot see beyond the horizon, only watch how the waves break - and see the water drops rejoin, to become a part of the sea again. Is it not with our life the same? For we cannot see a new tomorrow just how the day comes to …

Land Locked

A stranger I will always be among all people surrounding me, here, when living at the shore, no soothing river sounds at night, just cars, in a hurry passing by, and an airplane on a midnight flight. No moon beams traveling silvery waves, just dull concrete, which still will pave the same old bend around …

The Abyss

Walking across the ledge of inability, your name resonates in my thoughts, embrace me, colour my memories before I must return to the abyss of emptiness.

Once I Was

Once I was a star fallen from the sky long before I became a butterfly, and a free bird on the wire told me never to rest behind a picket fence, where I couldn't be a cultivated rose if I wished to be as the dandelion, find my own place beneath the sun, long before …

Strand of Pearls

Passed years, what should I say. I rather would compare, if I may, my life to a fragile silk thread on which a shining pearl I add, every time a year has passed, white, pink and even some black. A very fine exquisite strand as rare as life itself, when spent.

The Asylum

Through old dirty windows pale morning light creeps across worn floors, in the room people gather around tables, torn and cracked like their own shattered dreams, and where even the plants seem to be dying.