Candle Light Experiment , updated with a poem from Sarah M Zang.

A little while ago I was experimenting with candle light against a black background. Not such easy task, and I deleted many, many, many photos. However it's a good learning process for a hobby photographer. The lightning of this photo is also totally wrong. Nevertheless I hold on to this one . Why ? Why …

At Night

The night offers a resting place when all city noises are subdued, and the single passer-by is nothing more than a faceless silhouette on the other side of the street, where your shadow rises to dance, back , forth and around, at every street light you pass, and night-lights on a high-rise remind you of stars you …

No More Reasons

No more reasons left to write, the pen lies useless on the desk, to gather dust instead of words. Why expose in black on white, there is nothing left to be said, for silence itself has no chords. No song sings in a soul. bereft of its whole.  

Meeting Point by Ben Naga

Mythmakers all we are And so meeting Compare our mythologies (Like so many have before) Inner fire and heirlooms Bounced cheques and littered highways Dream rivers that disappear into the sand Heartflow that stops and starts And the long work of reconstruction Artists all we are And so meeting Compare our artistry Plain talk with …


Under a clear blue sky sounds from ripened wheat roll as rippling waves over hills in golden valleys the solitary olive tree shines as an emerald embedded in gold.    

The Statue

Outlined by just the warm light shining from the windows for everyone to be seen she stands there looking at the pond through passing seasons she always stands there motionless chiseled out of stone emotionless looking at the pond.