Rays of Light…

This post is the  result of mingling thoughts about light and darkness . In fact, it started with the  memory  of my father telling me not to fear the darkness when I was a child and  scared after waking up from a bad dream. He would turn on the light and say to me “As long you look for light the darkness will  not harm  you ,  you  are a child of the  light”. 

Hope is being able to see that there is light  despite all of the darkness

Desmond Tutu

Now there are of course all  kinds  of darkness  , not only the one when we go to sleep at night.  No, there  also the dark times  which  sadly  enough come with life  as well.  And despite of all we have to keep  up our  hopes  and believe better days  will come ,   not to  give up nor to give in.  Easier said than  done, is it not?    Especially  in the midst of all we have to deal with nowadays.                          

A couple years ago  I wrote  a poem about not giving up on love, however the message is  more or less the same.  Don’t give up on hope!  

Sail ever the ship of faith
don’t steer hope into waste
to die on a darkened shore
where hearts no longer soar.

In the midst of darkness, light persists.

Mahatma Ghandi

Keep strong, keep safe ❤

12 Replies to “Rays of Light…”

  1. Ah, Francina … How nice to find you back among we scribblers, for it has been many moons since we’ve had the pleasure of your mingling thoughts. Said thoughts as they expressed in part, thru the verse of your ship of faith poem, brings to mind that you have been missed, along with your stories of the sea and sailing, a life of my youth on board sea-faring ships. Thus so, and of mingling thoughts, I leave you with a few of mine, in a poem I wrote 8 years ago. Yours to hold or discard, dear friend from that beautiful world of yours … “ Night Flights ”

    – of fancy –

    In a vicious sky

    I persist to fly,

    In spite such rain

    Has wind feel strain,

    And clouds

    Hang on a string,

    Fixed to a heaven

    Of Beelzebub’s reign,

    Though but a dream

    Of eerie things,

    Forever I glide

    On falcon like wings,

    In night flights of fancy!

    © Jean-Jacques Fournier



    1. Thank you, dear Jean Jacques. Always great to hear from you too. Hope all is well with you both.
      Your beautiful and fitting poem flies right into my files. Thank you.
      Your feedback reminds me also that I still have to write a post on tugboats, the end of the series of ships. Well ,I will start some digging in my files.
      In the meantime you keep up writing your excellent poems. Stay healthy you two. Ciao, Francina

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