The Way Home – by Jean-Jacques Fournier

It’s my honour to introduce to you the wonderful poem ‘The Way Home’ from the poet Jean-Jacques Fournier. If you would like to read more of Jean-Jacques’ poetry , please visit him at his blog: Poetry on a Canapé – I am sure he would like your visit!

The Way Home

I’d moved on

For reasons vague,

Like vision fades

For bygone days,

Where but a trace

Of puerile dreams,

For untried place

Fashioned a need,

That time in wait

Might so achieve,

An understanding

Not yet discovered,

Wants one explore

Afore life quenches

That thirst to roam,

Till years suggest

Look for the road,

Leads the way home!

Poem courtesy and copyright : ©Jean-Jacques Fournier, June 2014

About Jean-Jacques Fournier

Jean-Jacques Fournier is a native of Montreal, and has been living  in the Eastern Townships (QC) since 2010 with his French wife Marianne. Prior to returning to Canada, he had lived for eight years in  the South of France, first in Vence, then in Grasse, the city of perfumes.

In the process of reinventing himself numerous times, his penchant for the language of poetry seemed best suited to express emotional experiences.

He has so far had sixteen books of poetry published, which are widely   available,  through Lulu, Amazon books, and Barnes&Noble, and can be purchased on line by clicking on ‘My Books’ on his web site : Poetry on a Canapé , and are also available via e-mail, by contacting  Jean-Jacques at : (text courtesy Jean-Jacques)

Note: All material in this post is copyright material of their author(s) unless otherwise stated, no part may be used by any means without the written permission from their author.

16 Replies to “The Way Home – by Jean-Jacques Fournier”

  1. As a long-time wanderer, I finally found my home. It wasn’t in California where I was born, nor in Canada where I spent summers with my grandmother. It wasn’t in South-East Asia, but that was a great experience when I first came to Europe, I knew I was getting close. France is the home of my heart and one of my blogs is dedicated to it. The other is poetry and…

    1. Thank you, Léa , for your response on Jean-Jacques’poem. How wonderful to hear you have adopted France as your home, after wandering around. many a time. Take care!

  2. I lived that poem, as you indicate in part on my introduction, I’ve a roaming spirit, thus so from a very early age starting at sea.
    Some time ago I’d read your bio, and it just dawned on me, that you and I have The Way Home poem in common, like having had the roaming heart of traveler… that never really leaves one.
    A nice feeling this discovery…!
    Thanks again for what you’ve done.

    1. Thank you, and you’re welcome. Someone told me once to be a wanderer is a curse. I have never felt it as a curse though 😉 I still not call a country or city my home though, home for me is the river and a ship on it’s way.
      Take care, my friend.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful response on Jean-Jacques’ poem, dear Resa!
      Happy to hear you like this one too , Take care ❤

  3. Thank you ever so kindly, for introducing me to your guests and followers. I consider this as an honour, a privilege, as well as quite flattering, and though impossible, lest I forget most touching.
    Francina…you are indeed, a gem !

    1. Thank you kindly , Jean-Jacques , for your generosity to let me post one of my favourite poems from you. And you are welcome, it’s my pleasure to share your beautiful work on my blog.
      Take care and stay healthy, you and your family!

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