“It is better to light just one little candle” by Pitching Pennies Poetry

Share the Light at Pitching Pennies Poetry

Thank you, dear Sarah , for sharing your light!
Keep safe ❤

Pitching Pennies Poetry


Please check out  this post  Share the Light

at Francina Hartstra’s  Poetry and Art  blog

and let your light shine.  While you are there,

be sure to take time to take a look around.

Thank you, Francina, for sharing your light.

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4 Replies to ““It is better to light just one little candle” by Pitching Pennies Poetry”

  1. Beautiful! I’ve been working on a post on Art Gowns, and once that is in control, will be posting “A Light” post on GLAM. This has been a fab series of responses!

    1. Thank you again, dear Resa, for all your lovely comments on the other blogger’s post
      I am happy as well that so many bloggers have responded so far:-)
      All their lights are unique and beautiful.
      Super , I will keep an eye out for your new post on Art Gowns , I am sure this one will be mind blowing again as your previous gown.
      And thank you for your wonderful thought of sharing your light too.
      Be well, my dear friend ❤

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