Seona Sommer in Unkeler Höfe 2019

As usual the annual Art-festival in Unkeler Höfe, Germany, features always fine art and photographs . And this year was no exception. It was in one of the many participating private gardens I met Seona Sommer and her beautiful paintings and drawings.

Seona was so kind to give me permission to share her art through my photographs in this post with you all. Please be so kind to regard the copyright note down below.

Her portraits , especially the black and white ones, are unbelievable realistic , at first glance I thought they were photographs instead of paintings and drawings. Seona uses various techniques including oil paint, charcoal, pencil and chalk .


Seona Sommer was born in Herford, Germany (1968) and now lives as a freelance artist in Cologne. Since 2004 she works mostly auto-didactic. She has attended workshops with the internationally successful hyper-realists Dirk Dzimirsky ( Germany, 2015 ), Eric Pouillet (France, 2016) and Eloy Morales (Spain, 2017 & 2018). Seona won in 2019 the Audience Award of the curated international exhibition Grand Salon in Bad Säckingen. From 2014 to 2018 she was also a founding member & project manager of the Brücker Kunsttage, Germany .

If you would like to see more of her work, please visit her website : Atelier SommerKunst by clicking on the provided link. Her art speaks for itself. I do hope your enjoy her work as much as I did.

Art copyright © Seona Sommer

Photographs © Francina Hartstra

Note: All material in this post is copyright material of their author unless otherwise stated, no part may be used by any means without the written permission from their author.

14 thoughts on “Seona Sommer in Unkeler Höfe 2019

    1. Thank you, lovely Jane! I am sure Seona appreciates your lovely comment in regard to her indeed exquisite art!
      Hugs right back at you from across the creek ❤ xxx

  1. Beautiful !!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences, Francina.
    Through your posts my horizons have broadened beyond my
    imagination. It is always a joy and an adventure to visit your

    As ever.

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