A Flowery Walk…

This time I like to take you on a walk through my neighborhood. You don’t always have to go far away to find pretty flowers , sometimes they bloom just around the corner like these pink roses growing through a backyard fence.

Or this white and green plant against different shades of green in a low fenced backyard,
and what about these tiny delicate flowers?
Over the years this flower has become one of my favourite flowers . There was a tad too much wind in the street so it took a lot of my patience before I had a picture I liked .
One cannot fence in Nature as has been proven by this flower on it’s way out in an alley.

Oh, look and then I came across a snail crawling upside down over a flower. Amazing animal, is it not?

26 Replies to “A Flowery Walk…”

  1. You have gathered a bouquet that delights.


    When I look at your photography, it is easy to experience your love of your subjects.
    You have captured not only their beauty but their personalities. You cause us to see
    each one as an individual…and…that snail crawling upside down…such a splendid
    shot and a great find. I love it!


    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for lovely comment and your inspiring encouragement 🙂
      As always much appreciated by me!
      I am happy to hear you love this flowery post.
      I never had seen a snail in a position like that, maybe because I went out after we just had some rain I got a lucky shot.

      Tis good to have you back again!
      As always,

  2. Yes, amazing. Snails always take their time. They never rush or get in a panic. If they sense danger they do not strike out, they retreat into the (relative) safety of their shell. Humans have much to learn from them.

    1. Thank you, Ben, for your much appreciated comment. I agree with you, humans can learn a lot from Nature if they’re willing to do so.

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