For You to Decide if….


To tell you the truth , I have no recollection how and when  we started to  call the trees in the pine forest on  the isle of Schiermonnikoog witches trees. We might even have heard it years ago at the island, because there is also a potter in the village who sells little ceramic witch hats she creates  herself.

Last week we went again  for a midweek to the island. The whole week there was a strong wind, what makes the island even more attractive or at least to me. The Northwester wind had picked up at times to a force of Beaufort 6 ( around 30 miles mph ) , perfect weather to bicycle through  the forest. The trees moaned and groaned and the forest was full of spooky sounds, but no matter how good you looked around there was nothing to be seen other than just the swaying trees, but than of course it was daytime, not midnight…

However take a look at the trees , look good , tell me what do you see?  Nothing you say? Just partially bald trees with branches? Really?  Come on use your imagination, place yourself in the forest and listen to the sounds……Now do you see all the witch brooms parked in the trees?

Next time watch your steps when you enter the forest.. I heard them giggle.


Note: The pine forests on the island are already 100 years old. The then owner of the island, Count Von Bernstorff, had pine and some deciduous trees planted in 1912 and 1919. Reason: Preventing the drift of the dunes and possibly wood production. But due to the strong wind and the poor soil, the trees grew poorly;    the maintenance and felling of conifers was discontinued around 1935.

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24 thoughts on “For You to Decide if….

  1. Forests get a little more supernatural at night. The silhouettes of trees and the rest of the landscape and sky and sounds from both wind and creatures (however small) can light up one’s imagination.

    1. Thank you for your much appreciated comment. Yes, they do, I totally agree with you. A walk in the dark through a forest is like a mystic adventure.

  2. Oh, my, it does look like a witch brooms parking lot!!!!!!!! Beautiful images! Must be some creepy experience visiting after dark…. I don’t think I would! 😉 Hugs and xoxoxoxo!

  3. BoardFlak

    Those photographs are very evocative and the imagination can be a powerful thing. Whatever might be hiding in those trees, I would not want to spend the night there!

    1. Thank you, and you’re welcome! It was my pleasure to share.
      I do agree with you that it would be quite enchanting with the sunset.
      Over here it stays light for a long time in summer (11.00 p.m.), autumn would be the perfect time.
      May your week be filled with giggles too..

  4. Francina,

    I felt of a frisson of excitement and maybe just a trace of fear as I looked at the very first shot of the winding pathway disappearing into the forest and in the next shot of the trees conspiring, my heart began to really pound. I had no trouble at all hearing the moaning and groaning. You amplified the already evocative scene with your words. I bet you can tell a ghost tale to make the hair stand on end!

    As for the witches brooms. I see them, and found myself looking over my shoulder to make sure none of the witches had escaped into my room. AND in the last shot of the limb overhanging the pathway…I am in the forest debating whether to risk passing under that limb, feeling sure as soon as I step foot before it, it will drop like a guillotine or at the very least, an impassable gate locking me forever in that forest of witches.

    You are a talented photographer and writer and poet and artist. I am awed!

    As ever,

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for your always wonderful and encouraging comment!! You made me smile a big smile..
      You, my dear friend, just wrote a perfect story to accomplish my post.
      You should check your room for sure one more time, I think one of the witches just moved in with you!
      I heard the conspiring trees whispering that one of witches wanted to move overseas.
      As for the gate watch your steps indeed, witches can be fickle once in a while, it all depend their mood!

      Besides that you are even more such a very gifted poet and writer yourself, Sarah, you are also
      a wonderful and very dear friend!

      Thank you for the cuppa, it is so good to see you again!


  5. Ohh Francina, I can hear the cackling from all the way over here. Do the trees add their voices to the mix? Yes, they most assuredly do. Hugs for you from across The Creek. ❤ xXx

    1. Thank you, lovely Jane!! I am happy to hear you could hear them cackling and the whispers of the trees.
      As Sarah said they were conspiring with the witches. Hugs right back at you from across the creek ❤ xXx

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