Fifth Avenue, New York


Rondom het middaguur
leunt de dakloze oude vrouw
met haar rug tegen de muur,

gekleed in dumpster mode
zit zij heel stilletjes op haar deken
zonder geld, zelfs niet voor eten,

genegeerd bij het winkelend publiek
in peperdure designer jassen,
op Jimmy Choo’s en met Gucci tassen,

maar zij vraagt niets, bedelt niet,
onopgemerkt slijt zij haar dagen
in een maatschappij die haar verliet.

6 thoughts on “Fifth Avenue, New York

  1. Francina,

    I try to avoid google translator because it all too often really messes up, but, hungry for a Francina poem, I loaded your poem in the translator and it touched my heart and soul. All too prevalent in this land of milk and honey, the scene you painted with your pen is a dark and powerful truth. And yet, you elevate that abandoned soul by paying homage to her. May the good Lord keep his hand on all the homeless, on all those who are alone and also, on all those lovely poets who tell the story. Beautiful writing, my friend.

    As ever,


    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for the read and as always appreciated comment.
      I do apologize for the late response , well no time is no excuse , my dear friend.
      May all be well at your side of the ocean.
      Did you received my thank you email about the cards?

      as ever,

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