A Time Window


Remember Vietnam,
the photo of the little napalm girl?
I do, do you?

Remember, back then,
how we stood up together,
united, worldwide.

Make Love not War,
no more bombs, no more killing,
no more, no more.

Do you hear the children cry?
Libya, South Sudan, Pakistan.
Do you know why?

Do you see the children bleed?
Palestine, Nigeria, Yemen.
Do you weep?

Do you see the children die?
Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.
Do you cry?

Tell me,
where did the Love go,
where did it go?


39 Replies to “A Time Window”

    1. Thank you kindly, Aaron, for your much appreciated comment and visit.
      It seems that way, however Love is also divisible as long we are willing to care and to share.
      Happy Holidays.

  1. I remember Vietnam, the whop-whops of helicopters, and the picture of that naked napalm girl running down the road.

    In 1975 I was working in Seletar Airbase Singapore when we received a dozen or so of ARVN C-130s filled with soldiers and their families. Then came the “boat people” and one refugee camp was set up about a mile from where I lived.

    But I like to think, there is hope yet. There are many more people doing good. Perhaps they don’t get the publicity they deserve. But they are there – and all doing good against terrible odds.

    There is hope.


    1. Thank you , dear Eric, for your thoughtful comment.

      I most certainly agree with you, thankfully there are many people who do so much good .
      We have many war refugees over here , and when you take the time to listen to their stories it’s at times heartbreaking.

      I too do like to think that there is hope yet. That one day we all stand united against the wars again.

      Happy holidays to you and your family.
      Peace, Francina

  2. Your words are powerful, Francina, and you pose a good question. I wish I had the answer, but then again, I wish I could muster up that love that seems to be hidden behind all the hate, violence, and war. Without hope, though, we’ll sink into a dark abyss. So, we just have to keep hoping for a better world so the younger generations can live peacefully. Big hugs from across the blue. 💕🌼🌷

    1. Thank you, Lauren. It is out there, somewhere indeed. No I will most surely not give up hope., my dear friend. Lots of love and hugs from across the pond. ❤️Xx

  3. Francina,

    It would not let me reblog it a second time. I put on the Pub but when I tried to put it on pitching pennies, it said “already reblogged”

    Anyway, I’m glad our members will see it. I wish the whole world would see it and take note.

    Many thanks,


    1. Sarah,

      No problem, I really appreciate that you tried to reblog this at your blog. Maybe it is a kinda safety thing so that people cannot spam more than one blog at the time.

      And thank you for your support and kindness, my dear friend.

      As ever

  4. Reblogged this on The Peaceful Pub and commented:
    Many of our Pubsters also have their own blogs. Anyone who has a blog and would like to share it, please email me a link, or include it with your profile. From time to time we will feature work from those blogs (with your permission, of course.)

    I came across a post on Francina’s blog that would not let go once I had read it. I have reblogged it here. Please also check out her photography, especially her photos from her jaunt through England, as well as her collection of poetry in English and Dutch. Her blog is a treasure chest of the arts..

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for not only the reblog on the Pub, but also for your kind and highly praise. This is as usual very much appreciated by me.

      Thank you also for your time to do this.


    1. Thank you , lovely Jane. I agree with you, and yes we need all the myriad of kindness to keep love flow , for humanity cannot survive without kindness and compassion. Love and hugs across the creek ❤ xx

  5. Love got hidden by governments, money mongers and money huggers, encased by the church’s smoking litany and corporate profits.
    Nothing has changed since the photo of the little napalm girl. They humoured us when we chanted our songs of love, so that we would forget and go away. After all, they had killed four of America’s children at Kent State, and even the parents were up in arms.
    Only a few countries make the kinds of bombs in the numbers that create the devastation we see. Nothing has changed, not really.

    1. Dear Resa, thank you for your response. As sad it is, I do agree with you on all counts. Power and money have often brought more misery than good. So indeed nothing has changed, principles don’t make money., it is more lucrative to sell out those principles. And yes there are a few countries who make the kinds of bombs, and we all know which countries .. Nevertheless I find it hard to understand why,as Elise said , a whole generation who wanted peace and no longer war seems to got quiet or maybe even worse most of them might has become the same as where we stood up against.

  6. I think about this often. I can’t understand what happened to the generation that promoted peace, shouted out, “Make Love, not War,” and carried signs saying “War is not healthy for children and other living things.” It makes me very sad to see what we’ve become.

    1. Thank you, Elise.
      Not easy to understand but than I have seen friends from those days turn into ones we stood up against. It makes me very sad as well, but as long there are people like you and me, hope will flows.

  7. Francina,

    Take a bow!!
    This says what needs to be said and it says it well.
    May I share it on Pitching Pennies and the Pub?

    I want to share a couple of links with you that relate to
    Pubster Gene Dixon who was an activisit against that
    war. I will share them here. If that is not okay, please
    delete them.

    http://www.wordflair.net/HonoringtheCamden28.html (this page was written in 2012..I include the link because it has the songs that the group sang when they gathered together)

    http://www.camden28.org/thestory.htm (this is their history.) For anyone interested there are several books out about them…Two that come to mind are…The Peace Warriors by Edward McGowan and The Burglary by Betty Medsger. Here is the full movie. Your poem brought it to mind because Fr. Michael Doyle opens the movie with “What would you do to save the children”
    Gene has a large role in the movie. Gene speaks throughout the movie.

    But, back to your poem…It is timeless, and relevant as long as humans inhabit the earth because we don’t seem to learn. Thank you for this extra special poem.

    As ever


    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your response and the links provided. I for sure will go over!
      And yes , please feel free to share on Pitching Pennies and the Pub.. Thank you so much!

      I know humans don’t seem to learn indeed. Sadly enough . However what keeps nagging me , why not now again ?

      as ever,

    2. Francina,

      Poems like yours will make a difference. Change begins with one person caring. When I read your poem I was reminded, too, of something Kerri said: “Sometimes it takes just one faint star to inspire a poem or even a social movement.”

      Thank you for all you do for the arts and for humanity. YOU make a difference.

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