Flowery Thursday!

Good morning my fellow bloggers,  in between writing of another post , I thought I share  another experiment with my camera . This one surprised me a tad , for on my screen the background had not the white background I was looking for.  However when I printed the photo on high quality photo paper the background was  perfectly white.  By knowing this I might give photographing with a white background another go.  Oh, and maybe some day I should invest  in a better monitor 🙂  Happy Blogging on this sunny day!



16 thoughts on “Flowery Thursday!

  1. Francina,

    The photograph speaks of love. The pink rose makes me think of innocence;
    the white hearts make me think of purity; the fallen petals make me wonder
    if the time has past. Much enjoyed the view through the eye of your camera.


    1. Dear Sarah,

      I love your comments on the photo.
      Amazing and spot on,
      You perfectly describe the atmosphere I tried to create
      with the composition. Thank you so much for sharing your view.


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