Book “The Olding Man” – Alan Reynolds

The poem following  below is the opening poem from Alan Reynolds brilliant  poetry book “The Olding Man” .  A book I would like to introduce and highly recommend to all you poetry lovers.  Alan takes his readers on a journey from his opening poem all the way to the last poem.  He has a superb  way  of writing which hold your attention word by word , line by line, towards the ending line and  to leave you with pondering thoughts  afterwards. And in between he masterfully weaves the ever turning seasons of Nature and Life around the pondering of the olding man.

Sometimes  when I buy a poetry book there might be some poems I don’t fancy. Well with Alan’s book it’s the opposite, Not only do I like all the poems , I do like them a lot!   Oh, and  believe me  you don’t have to be old yourself  “as the hills”  to enjoy his book, as he states on the back cover , with wry observations, moods swings and notes of joy.

The Olding Man Still Going Wrong

He is old as the hills. He is fanatically bent
although his world’s gone queer.
Though becoming an ancient who some might think wise
his failure is crystal clear.

His doctor has retired and his priest has expired.
They have gone to Who knows where.
He spends his long mornings on diets and prayer
and his afternoons on beer.

His grandchildren helped him creep out for some sun.
He found their attention dear.
They left him outside and the winter was long
but it’s spring and he’s still there.

Poem courtesy and © Alan Reynolds

THE OLDING MAN front covera


Alan Reynolds, author of  “Sometimes in Balance ” and of hundreds of poems published in printed magazines and online, applies his skill with language and his ability to translate diverse imaginings into verse to create sharp observations from a place of truth that resonates.

The Olding Man is available  at

Boeken Bestellen NL

or if you prefer you may contact Alan Reynolds through his website

Poems of Alan Reynolds




Happy reading.

16 thoughts on “Book “The Olding Man” – Alan Reynolds

  1. Great poem, Francina, and thank you for introducing us to Alan. His book sounds wonderful. I’ll add it to my list for purchasing…sending love and hugs across the creek, my friend…xoxo

    1. Thank you for your response on Alan’s wonderful book.
      I am so happy to hear from you, dear Lauren, and I hope truly there is nothing serious with your health, you had me scared when I read your message.. lots of love and hugs from across the pond ❤ xxx

    2. Thanks, Francina. I just did another post to follow up, more testing soon to figure out what is wrong. Life is sure fragile. Big hugs, my friend, across the pond. 💕🦋😍


    When I am old, do you suppose
    That hairs will grow out of my nose,
    And as I count the passing years
    Will tufts of it sprout from my ears?

    When arms and legs are thin and frail
    And memory begins to fail
    Shall I recall those days gone by
    When passing women sought my eye?

    When face is wrinkled, fold on fold,
    And summer heatwaves leave me cold,
    And teeth are gone, and eyes are weak,
    Shall I lose all desire to speak?

    When I have lived my lifespan through
    And found at last a perfect view
    Will others see there no more than
    The mumblings of a mad old man?

    When I am always far away,
    Too deaf to hear a word you say,
    Your feelings – will they be the same
    When I keep asking you your name?

    When mind’s decayed, and flesh repels,
    And speech no longer casts its spells;
    When I am old, then we shall see
    Just what it was you loved in me.

    1. What I was pointing to here was that is the essence is what is truly loved – the spirit – rather than all the material aspects that wither, decay and die. If we “love”, or are “loved” only for those things then it was not love but simply attachment. Being awake to that one may honestly confront with peaceful acceptance the losses and pains that ageing inevitably brings with it. Then not quite so grim. 🙂

    2. I do agree with you about the essence of your poem. In fact it was the reason I used rather grim in my response. For it would be sad when two people have spend a lifetime together with all the ups and downs, the aging would effect their love for each other.

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