Walk on the Wind by Kelly Collins

Walk on the Wind

She was beautiful in her way
Her soul showed in her face.
She wrapped me up in a buffalo robe
Laid me down and rubbed my feet.

She burned sage and sweet grass
And lit a pine scented candle
She chanted just audibly
Until I went to sleep.

We dreamed or perhaps for a moment
We wakened from a life long dream
And saw realities of each other.
There was nothing for us together.

She told me I would walk the wind alone
I told her, remain free, untamed and wild.



Poem courtesy and copyright ©Kelly Collins ,2004
Source: The Cage Unhitched Poetry Forum

10 Replies to “Walk on the Wind by Kelly Collins”

    1. Thank you, Sarah., for your always appreciated comment on Kelly’s poem. Yes, I always liked his poems a lot. And you’re welcome , it is my pleasure to share beautiful poetry.

      As ever,

    1. Thank you, Lauren, for your lovely comment on Kelly’s poem. You’re welcome, I love to share beautiful poems. Love across the puddle xoxo

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