24 Replies to “On Yellow Mountain”

  1. Thanks for your
    Delightful tanka
    Here is a
    On a similar subject
    I hope you’ll enjoy


    Hands on knees
    Crosslegged, spine straight
    Breath even
    Mind at rest
    Momentary glimpse of love

    1. Thank you for your delightful Shadorma, Ben. It fits perfectly my Tanka. Well done!
      Yes, Yes, I know , I still have to write a Shadorma 🙂 Have a peaceful Sunday!

  2. Francina,

    I see the colors of autumn in those lovely lines.
    Your poem has an aura of light that goes so well with the celebration of Diwali…
    So vivid and so evocative. Much enjoyed.

    As ever,

    1. Sahar,

      Thank you , Sarah for your insightful comment.
      I take it as a huge compliment it reminds you of Diwale , the celebration of light.

      As ever,

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