Candle Light Experiment , updated with a poem from Sarah M Zang.

A little while ago I was experimenting with candle light against a black background. Not such easy task, and I deleted many, many, many photos. However it’s a good learning process for a hobby photographer. The lightning of this photo is also totally wrong. Nevertheless I hold on to this one . Why ? Why keep a photo you can not use at all?

Well, somehow this photo reminds me of the transience of life.
The unexpected cold candle light, the rose already fading due to long exposure to the warmth of the lights.

zwart3 032a


After seeing my post , Sarah wrote this beautiful poem:

The Candle and the Rose

My eyes have seen the glorious growth
of rose from bud to bloom,
The silken petals cradled
by leaves of emerald green,
And as is true with every earthly thing,
its time is brief in flowering,
a second of perfection.
Like a candle in the darkness,
its glow ethereal, a flicker
of a light divine,
a bud, a bloom,
a soul.


Poem copyright © Sarah M Zang

Thank you very much for your beautiful poem , dear Sarah!!

12 Replies to “Candle Light Experiment , updated with a poem from Sarah M Zang.”

  1. To me, there is nothing quite as powerful as a collaboration between the visual and written ~ it adds another dimension to the art for me. There is an additional build-up, and then a conclusion to appreciate. “its glow ethereal, a flicker of a light divine, a bud, a bloom, a soul.” Brilliant.

  2. Francina,

    A bit of creative genius to recognize and capture the significance of that fading rose. The subtle glow cast by the candle is another piece of expertise. I felt the effect of this photo so strongly. When I looked at it a second time, the two hearts seem to be eyes, eyes that might spill a tear for the fading bloom…definitely not cold eyes.

    Much enjoyed this art. My muse is tapping my shoulder…I’m thinking there is a poem brewing. Many thanks!


    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for your wonderful response. You recognizes the same feeling I had . Through your eyes I looked again, and could see why the hearts made you think about eyes.

      And I’m over the moon the photo inspired you to write this beautiful and gorgeous poem and mail it to me! As you see, I have added it into the post, where it suppose to be.! Thank you ever so kindly, my dear friend. Love it when creative souls inspire each other 🙂

      Much love,

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