Carsten Bachert in Unkeler Höfe 2017

unkel2017 221a

Carsten Bachert is an artist from Mannheim in Germany. He was also one of the participating artists I met at the Art Festival.  The first thing I noticed when walking into the area where his art was at display,  was the colour difference of the steel.  At first glance it looked to me  as if his work is duo colour toned.  Wrong thought,  it is the lightning in the frame  what gives the effect. In fact  one can say that his art is also functional.  During the day a beautiful piece of art and at night an exquisite lamp.

unkel2017 212a

Now what is art to Carsten Bachert?

On  his  website he explains  as follow:

The power of imagination,  the desire to materialize all its volatile  feelings and thoughts.

This is the motive,  which makes me to create my art.

When, forgetting time and space, images and sculptures arise –
then I experience freedom and happiness in abundance.

Archaic structures,  which are left to the nature of coincidence .

Cool, geometric materials – shaped by human hands.

The combination of both makes our origin and our present pictorial.

A sketch, quickly  hand drawn,  to resemble the volatile impulse  at least seemingly real.

It does not need any more.

The rest is a game of intention  and coincidence.

unkel2017 216a

If you would like to see more of  Carsten’s art , please pay him a visit at his website Afterwork-Art ,  it is most certainly worth  your time taken.

Art copyright © Carsten Bachert

Photographs © Francina Hartstra

Note: All material in this post is copyright material of their author unless otherwise stated, no part may be used by any means without the written permission from their author.

17 Replies to “Carsten Bachert in Unkeler Höfe 2017”

  1. The duo effects of a beautiful piece of art by day and an exquisite lamp by night are very interesting and stood out for me, along with adding even more appeal to his already amazing art. Thanks for sharing, Francina. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Lauren, for your wonderful response. And you are welcome. It indeed makes Carsten’s Art more appealing than usual. I’m also curious about the effect when the light becomes more prominent. Love and hugs from across the creek!

    2. You’re welcome, Francina, and I can only imagine how stunning his art looks when the light is more prominent…incredible talent! Love and hugs across the pond!

    3. Very talented indeed, Lauren, I agree with you totally. In Carsten’s portfolio on his website are photos of when the light is more prominent.. Really unique. Love and hugs back at you.

  2. The top frame makes me think of fiber optics. I’m not sure if the strands are filament or metal, but they reflect the light and give a feel of connection.

    The center one makes me think of synchronized motion. The bends are fluid and graceful.

    The bottom one seems to me to be chaotic motion. It makes me think of workers scurrying about their day. For me the cubes represent burdens shouldered, weights carried.

    I much enjoyed all three pieces. Even in a photograph they convey a strong message. Both the steel sculptures and the photography is a genuine work of art.

    Many thanks for sharing.


    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment ! By doing so , I looked through your eyes at Carsten’s art, and found your outlook very interesting. Your thoughts made the art even more come to live.

      And you are welcome , it’s my pleasure to share such beauty.


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