18 thoughts on “No More Reasons

    1. Groetjes. I’m not consistent about the writing, but I have well- thought-out excuses and rationalizations. You, however, have to keep writing!

  1. Dear Francina,

    Your poem shows the depths that drive the creative mind.
    It might refer to the distancing of one who was close, but it
    could just as easily refer to the loss of Muse or the despair at
    an unfulfilling emptiness.

    I think blogs like yours will always give a raison d’être. Just a
    visit to this haven fills me with creative energy.

    You are talented and sensitive…a true artist!


    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your insightful and encouraging l comment. I pulled this poem from my files . Have still not be writing.
      You are always welcome in my little corner of the world, my friend!
      As ever,

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