Rob van den Broek in Unkeler Höfe 2017

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Another work that caught my eye at the festival in Unkel were the bronze sculptures from Rob van den Broek.  As he states on his website , he most definitely has his own style and technology. His art is also very diverse. Rob van den Broek is a Dutch artist.


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In the approximately 35 years that I work as a caster in bronze, I’ve seen a lot of art works passing by. So, to make something totally new is actually impossible. However with my work I do try to distinguish from everything that I have already seen by experimenting with the cast bronze technology.


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First I make my sculptures completely in wax. When finished I cut out parts of it, which create a new concept where the original form becomes the background form. Because I master cast bronze engineering I’m able to seek the edge of possibilities of its technology and freely experiment with it.

Introduction Text courtesy Rob van den Broek


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To see more of  Rob’s portfolio, please pay him a visit at his website Rob van den Broek  I’m convinced that you will be impressed by not only his skillful but also stunning art.


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Art copyright © Rob van den Broek

Photographs  © Francina Hartstra

Note: All material in this post is copyright material of their author unless otherwise stated, no part may be used by any means without the written permission from their author.

11 thoughts on “Rob van den Broek in Unkeler Höfe 2017

  1. Amazing work, Francina! Thanks for sharing. I’m always in awe of other’s art, since I’m not an artist. 🙂 The talent, skill, concentration, and imagination that are needed to create something so extraordinary. Sending lots of love across the pond!

    1. Thank you, Lauren. How lovely to see you stopping by 🙂
      I totally agree with you. And you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure to share such beautiful art. Love and hugs back at you from across the pond.

    1. Thank you, Resa. Wow indeed! The heads and are great too, I’m amazed how well the expression of the eyes work in the heads, considering the material they are made of. The panther is sublime. . .. Groetjes 🙂

  2. The raven is so awesome. It creates a strong reaction…not sure if it is apprehension or awe, a little of both I think..
    The jaguar is a favorite too. Each piece is unique and intriguing.

    The photography captures the essence of each one. What an experience!

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you , Sarah. I’m happy you like my wandering at the festival.
      Yes, the pieces are all unique in their own way. I love the expression in the eyes as well.

      You’r welcome, my friend, it’s always my pleasure to share.

      As ever,

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