Beate Sieberz in Unkeler Höfe 2017

unkel2017 187ab

Every year in the first weekend of September there is an Art Festival  in private Gardens in Unkel, Germany. The art from some 45 participating artists various from paintings, drawings, sculptures from different materials, installations and photographs. As every year I take photographs and have a talk with the artist. Some of the artists I will feature, with their permission to do so ,  on my blog. I would like to start with Beate Sieberz and her work.

unkel2017 180ab


Beate Sieberz is a graduated ceramic designer from Linz, Germany.   Her atelier is in her shop “Das Töpferlädchen”.   There she sells all kind of her ceramics from various pottery to sculptures.

unkel2017 184a

It were her sculptures which draw my attention at the Art Festival. They are so very elegant and full of motion.

unkel2017 186a


If you would like to know more about  Beate’s  beautiful  ceramic and art , please visit her at her website  :   Das Töpferlädchen 


unkel2017 205ab


Art copyright © Beate Sieberz

Photographs  © Francina Hartstra

Note: All material in this post is copyright material of their author unless otherwise stated, no part may be used by any means without the written permission from their author.

15 thoughts on “Beate Sieberz in Unkeler Höfe 2017

  1. It is amazing that something so still can convey graceful motion so beautifully.
    The sculptures are amazing.
    The photographs are excellent.

    The pieces take my breath away. What an experience!

    Thank you!

    1. Indeed amazing, Sarah. I wish you could have come with me, you would have loved the festival!

      And you are welcome, It’s my pleasure to share such beauty.

      as ever,

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