Meeting Point by Ben Naga

Mythmakers all we are
And so meeting
Compare our mythologies
(Like so many have before)
Inner fire and heirlooms
Bounced cheques and littered highways
Dream rivers that disappear into the sand
Heartflow that stops and starts
And the long work of reconstruction

Artists all we are
And so meeting
Compare our artistry
Plain talk with rich recesses
Nuances to old questions
The curl of the cry
At the wellsprings of voice

Hunter at bay
The poet crawls and capers
Across the carnival and charnel-house of life
Fractious fragment of the Creator
Who hath made all things well
Adolescent loneliness
Adult uncertainty
Menopausal anxiety
And senile decay

Actors all we are
Though no spectator views us
And so meeting
Compare our pasts and futures
As all our heres and nows come down to one

Poem courtesy and © Ben Naga



If you would like to read more of Ben’s  poetry, please visit him at his poetry blog  Ben Naga 



17 thoughts on “Meeting Point by Ben Naga

  1. I can’t edit, but I really meant a grand truism about poets,
    After looking at my error for awhile, it grows on me. It is
    true of most people and of all poets.

    Thanks again for the pleasure of this poem.

    1. Dear Sarah,

      You are welcome, it’s my pleasure to share Ben’s poem!
      I know the feeling, sometimes I make an error in a reply and think ..ooops.. I cannot edit 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment on Ben’s poem. I love it too! Is one of this poems you keep in your files to read again.
      Just like with your poetry .


  2. “Inner fire and heirlooms”

    I read that wonderful phrase and feel like I have just won a treasure hunt..
    It is a perfect definition of poetry as well as a grand truism about people.

    The whole poem is a weave of sounds that create strong images and emotions.
    I love it!

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