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Schiermonnikoog is an island in the northern Netherlands.  It is one of the “Waddeneilanden” and my most favourite one.  It is car free,  it has the widest beaches of Europe and is  not that touristic as some of the other islands.

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The island is 9.9 miles long and  2.5 miles wide and is the site of the Netherlands’ first national park. The only village on the island is also called Schiermonnikoog.  Just around 832 people permanently live on the island.

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Bicycle and walking path  through the  Western Dunes to the Lighthouse

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At low tide the ships in Marina fall dry.

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On my way to the Eastern part of the island. The eastern part of the island forms an important nature reserve, with access very restricted during the breeding season of the many birds that nest there.

schier 2016 023a

Horses on the Western part near the lake.

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At low tide it is possible to take a ride with the Balgexpress to the Balg. This is only possible at low tide because with flood the whole area belongs to the sea again. The Balg is at the North-Eastern side of the island .


schier 2016 305a

Beach at the North side of the island.

schier2017 070a

Entrance to the beach at the West side. The most perfect place to watch the day end.

17 Replies to “Schiermonnikoog”

  1. This post called to mind one of the enduring memories I have of my childhood. We were holidaying in Holland and I went off walking on my own.I came to the entrance to a large stretch of pasture. Thousands of rabbits as far as the eye could see. Then. None!

    1. Thank you, Ben, for sharing your memory of Holland. At twilight time when all is quiet again the rabbits are taking over the dunes, pastures and the streets at the West side of the town. They are such adorably fluffy ones 🙂
      groetjes, Francina

  2. Dear Francina,

    The photography is wonderful. It takes me home.
    Had I not seen the title and the captions, I would have thought this was my
    favorite winter writing hangout…Assateague Island, ..just about 20 minutes from Ocean City, Md. on the Atlantic.

    The ponies look the same. Everything looks the same. In looking at your photos of your favorite Netherlands island, I’m taken back home to my favorite Maryland island. It is indeed a beautiful world when we know where to look.
    Thank you for the pleasure of the art and of sharing your trip.


    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you and as always my pleasure to share.
      The photos are from different trips to the island.

      I looked up your island hide out and indeed there is much similarity between both islands. It ‘s also very beautiful over there. Beauty is every where to be found indeed when we take a good look around , my friend.

      as ever,

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