7 Replies to “The Statue”

    1. Thank you, Jo. I do too. Before I retired, I passed her every day on my way to work. I always wondered where she was looking at in that pond, and had many stories made up in my head. And that’s how the poem started. Nowadays I pass sometimes that villa again, and by now there is another statue placed from a kneeling man reaching out to the pond. He has nothing in his hands though. Makes you wonder what’s going on in that pond 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

  1. Francina,

    You endow that chiseled stone with an aura that draws the reader to it.
    You show us the endurance and the permanence of a statue and you
    lead me to realize the just why statues exist. Like your poem, statues
    will exist long past our short walk across earth’s stage. You always
    bring us beauty and wisdom.

    Thank you,

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