The Persistence of Memory by Elise Skidmore


Wandering through this desert world,
so hot the clocks are melting,
I stretch out my tongue to drink in time.
The precious moments of life
revive this dehydrated soul.

The persistence of memory,
the good, the bad, the happy, the sad,
lifts my eyes to the mountain horizon;
its snowy peaks give me strength
to rise and walk on.


Poem courtesy and ©Elise Skidmore


This and more beautiful poems are featured in Elise’s  poetry book A Dance of Dreams . More  poetry books from Elise are to be found by clicking on the following link Elise Skidmore  . All her books are published in hard copy and  Ebook editions.

14 thoughts on “The Persistence of Memory by Elise Skidmore

  1. I love Dali and I love this poem. It puts his painting right before my very eyes.
    Good stuff, Elise.

    And Francina, you do good work! What a delicious site to visit.
    Your work is a joy. You have an artist’s eye and a poet’s heart
    and a grand talent in all you do. So glad to call you Friend!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your lovely comment on Elise’s poem. I am sure she will be very pleased to read your comment.

      And thank you, dear Sarah, the pleasure is all mine.
      The feeling is mutual my friend.

      As ever,

    1. Hi Betty , how wonderful to see you ! However the credit goes to Elise’s beautiful poem. It was my pleasure to share her poem.
      Fondly, Francina

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