Siv Dibowski in Unkeler Höfen – 2015

Two years ago I met Siv at the art festival in Unkel. The photo’s I took from her art at that time, were not good enough to use on my blog.  I had taken them from a too far distance, by doing so I had not captured the true essence and the beauty of her work. The expressions of her sculptures the way she intents them to be when modelling. Not only is Siv a great artist, but she is a very lovely lady as well. I hope you enjoy Siv’s sculptures as much as I do.
084aPlease respect the copyright note at the bottom out of respect for the artist. Thank you.

Resume :
Siv Dibowski
I live since 1985 in Germany,  I’m born and raised in Sweden.

Art and creativity has always been important to me. Painting, modelling with clay or drawing  is a wonderful activity,  which gives satisfaction and let you often forget the time.
262aMy interest lies mainly in the field of humans  in relation to each other or in the different mood stages. I try to portray the  human emotions in my sculptures and I am happy to hear when someone tells me  that one of my sculptures has moved her/him.   Most of my sculptures I model with clay. To change the surface of a sculpture by means of paint or oxides is an exciting process.


Participant at exhibitions in the region since 1997
Member: Group EigenArt-Rhine since the foundation  in 2000.
Exhibition:  Art in Unkeler Höfen since the beginning of the festival in Unkel.

Contact: Siv Dibowski


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8 thoughts on “Siv Dibowski in Unkeler Höfen – 2015

  1. Thomas Sterk

    I am so happy that I could buy the sculpture on top from Siv as a birthday present for my wife Angelika. We both really love that fine piece of art.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thank you kindly for letting me know. I am very pleased to hear you bought one of Siv’s gorgeous statues as a birthday gift for your wife Angelika. Siv is such a great artist, I think.
      Groetjes, Francina

  2. Francina,

    I love the life of those sculptures. Each one has its own personality.

    To sculpt such emotion is a wonderful talent. To be able to photograph
    the work and capture the emotion of it is every bit as wonderful.

    It is always a joy to visit here and see the world through the eyes of
    your camera and pen.


    1. Sarah,

      Thank you ever so kindly for your wonderful comment!
      I’m sure Siv will be very pleased to read your lovely words of appriciation of her art .

      I always appreciate the wonderful generousity from the artist to let me make photos and post them.


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