Winter Mood

Through sheer layers of mist
the fading sound from a distant train,
down the street houses look like ghosts
with their dark hollow eyes, reflecting
no more than the coldness outside,
footsteps bounce back from silence
in this vacuum coloured by grays,
where the living are not to be found,
yet one soul still wanders around.


35 thoughts on “Winter Mood

  1. This poem certainly in effective at initiating and building a “winter” mood. It achieves its affects by involving sight, image, “layers of mist,” sound, and tactile feelings. Good work.

  2. I tried to leave an apply it said I needed an active access token to reply.

    I love the poem, the reply was lost and it was long, because I really love the poem!

    The distant train, the hollow eyes of houses, the footsteps bouncing back from silence…what power and what beauty!!

    I also checked out “The Sound of the River” and found it’s not available but it led me
    to the poem by that name…another awesome piece of poetry.

    My visits to your blog always leave me glad I came!!


    1. Hi Sarah!

      Oh my, WP sometimes makes it difficult indeed to reply.. I’m sorry to hear you had so much problems. I have no idea what an active access token is. No clue on my side either. Does not sound good to me.

      It makes me appreciated your lovely comment even more, dear Sarah. Thank you for your ongoing support!

      Love, Francina

    2. It is always a joy to spend time in your space, Francina. Such a grand journey you take us on with each new post!

      Thank you!


  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    one can feel the wind blowing through our coat as we looked on as you wandered through the streets of Winters mind…
    as whispers fill our pockets to get out of the cold…
    I like this very much …I know this mood well this year..
    Thank you fro sharing again…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  4. Beautifully visual and evocative of winter’s isolation and wholeness at the same time, Francine. Have been reading through your lovely collection ‘Beyond the Threshold’ and hope to put my thoughts on it into a review very soon. XO

  5. An old poem whose life and spirit is never done, as it always breathes through your heart and mind that you may continue to share it as another priceless treasure! Thanks for your blessing this morning Francina! God bless you always my sister!

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