Marianne Troll in Unkeler Höfen

Marianne Troll is the other artist I would like to introduce you to. It was my idea to post this shortly after I wrote about the artist Anja Rihm and Gabriele Geier. My bruised rib was another monkey wrench in that thought. A little late but never too late to introduce a great artist. Marianne was so generous to give me approval to use my photos from her art and her German text in this post. Please respect the copyright note at the end of the article out of respect for the artist. Thank you and may you enjoy her art as much as I do.

marianne 378
Marianne Troll

Geboren im Ruhrgebiet, aufgewachsen im Rheinland; beiden Kulturen gleichermaßen verbunden. Lebensmittelpunkt und Kraftfeld ist die Familie in Bruchhausen. Erziehungswissenschaftliches Studium, erste künstlerische Versuche.

Born in the Ruhr area , Germany and grew up in the Rhineland, Germany , both cultures are equally connected. My center of life and my strength is the family in Bruchhausen. First artistic attempts during my Scientific Education study.

marianne 377

Ausbildungen zur Buchhändlerin, zur Sekretärin. Seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren in diesem Beruf im musikwissenschaftlichen Bereich tätig, parallel dazu Entwicklung der künstlerischen Arbeit als gleichwertiges Gegengewicht. Fortbildungen in malerischen, keramischen und bildhauerischen Techniken. Wesentliche Materialien sind Tierknochen, Metall- und Holzfunde und, nicht zuletzt, Worte.

I have a training as a bookseller, and secretary. For more than twenty years I have worked in this profession in the musicological field, parallel to the development of artistic work as an equal counterweight. Training in scenic , ceramic and sculptural techniques. Significant materials are animal bones , metal and wood finds and , not least , words .
marianne 369

Meine Themen und Vorhaben, die wie die Knochen in meinem Komposthaufen lange Zeit reifen, beziehe ich aus Alltagsbeobachtungen wie Zufallsprozessen und der Auseinandersetzung mit gesellschaftlichen Fragen. Grundvoraussetzung für die Entstehung von Kunst ist der andere, der mir eigentümliche und gleichzeitig fremde Blick auf die Dinge. Mit dem Rhein als zentraler Landmarke unserer Region lebe ich in ertragreicher Beziehung. Sein Ufer liefert mir das Arbeitsmaterial. Ich lasse mich von Naturformen inspirieren und nehme mich unter dem Eindruck seines unendlichen Fließens in einem großen Zusammenhang wahr.

My topics and projects, which mature for a long time like the bones in my compost heap, I obtain from everyday observations such as random processes and confrontations with social issues. Prerequisite for the creation of art is the other which gave me a peculiar and at the same time a different way of looking at things. With the river Rhine, as a central landmark of our region , I have a profitable relationship. His bank provides me with the work material. I am also inspired by natural forms and I perceive the impression of his infinite flow in a larger context.

marianne368Marianne Troll

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15 thoughts on “Marianne Troll in Unkeler Höfen

    1. Thank you, Jo! 🙂 I had a brief encounter with another cyclist and I bruised one of my ribs. I would not recommend that to anyone 🙂 Groetjes, Francina

    1. Thank you, Christine 🙂 It’s my pleasure to share Marianne’s art.
      I’m sure Marianne would be very appreciating when you would write a poem !
      lots of love across the stormy creek xoxo

  1. It’s so nice of you to share Marianne’s creativity and talent, Francina. These are all very interesting, but my favorite is the first! It’s also clever to find out the materials she uses, too! Thanks again for sharing and many hugs across the creek! xo ♥

    1. Thank you, Lauren. and you’re welcome. My pleasure as usual! It’s so neat to walk around art festivals and see the creativity of the participants and the beautiful results of their work.
      many hugs back across the stormy creek xxxx

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