23 Replies to “Witte Velden/White Fields”

    1. Dank je wel , Tamara! Heel leuk om weer wat van jou te horen. πŸ™‚ Ik hoop dat ik gauw eens wat van jou kan lezen ook!
      groetjes, Francina

    1. Thank you BilliMarie. Yes, it does, does it not? Have you been writing recently again? If yes, I will shoot over to your site πŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful, white and intense, Francina. When I read it, my mind wanders from summer to a silent winter. Groetjes, Hanneke

  2. Vergankelijk wit

    elk sneeuwlandschap verbergt altijd bevroren leven
    oogverblindend mooi
    tot afzichtelijke dooi
    de ijskoude realiteit weer warme kleuren zal geven

    Dit is wéér een beeldschoon, beeldig gedicht, Francina!

    1. Dank je wel , Lenjef!! πŸ™‚
      Jouw gedicht is weer een pareltje. Ik vind de tegenstellingen in de beelden die je schetst met je woorden heel clever gevonden. Oogverblindend versus afzichtelijk en ijskoude versus warme kleuren. Heel knap gedaan!
      Dank je wel voor je waardering van mijn krabbels!

  3. Francina, this is just beautiful. It is so much an “in the moment” poem.

    It brings to mind my latest mindfulness practice which I am doing through haiku. I received a book for Christmas called haiku mind. Its lovely and I am trying to do one each day. Or a senryu which I understand has the same number if syllables but is centred around people rather than nature. I keep putting them on facebook and I think I must be boring the pants off people but it helps me to put them somewhere so thats the main reason I post them. What others think doesnt really matter does it?! Lol

    1. Thank you, dear Christine πŸ™‚

      Oh, I have to re open my facebook account, because I would love to read your Ku’s!
      A senryu is indeed about people, but than in a mocking or humorous way πŸ™‚ I never now exactly how define the difference sometimes though.
      Well in my eyes I think Ku’s can never be boring, after all we have to practice . How would we otherwise know we do it right. lol
      love and hugs,
      Francina xoxo

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