On a Painting

Within my mind, I step
into your created room
wherein everything is blue,
even the shape of you

among outlined objects,
brush striped black.
Desolation to be found,
spread out onto the canvas,

hides for hues of summer blues
beyond the one painted window,
persuasively alluring my eyes
begging me to hurry outside,

to walk through green fields
down to quiet water of a lake;
yet I stay to wonder about you,
captured in your room of blues.

43 Replies to “On a Painting”

    1. Thank you for your much appreciated comment! I’m happy to hear you could visualize the painting. πŸ™‚
      Ciao, Francina

  1. Beautiful repetition, circling back to this amazing creative blue moment. The authors voice shares everything in the room with her reader and i enjoyed the glimpse…

  2. Sharing someone’s blues can be a true act of love, you know. It would be good to eventually be able to lead the “blue” one out into the sunshine, of course!

    1. In dit gedicht is blauw misschien iets minder mooi πŸ™‚ dat dan weer wel. Het trieste zag ik pas na de tweede keer lezen.

    2. blauw blijft mooi πŸ™‚ ik vond het schilderij niet echt triest , meer fascinerend . Hele fijne Paasdagen!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I can see why you thought of a Matisse painting, he has blue rooms too. I don’t remember the name of the painting or the artist, I saw this painting years ago in the Modern Tate in London and I never wrote down the name.

      Ciao, Francina

  3. The curious, wondering mood you have evoked within this beautiful poem makes me curious as to the painting that inspired this wonderful piece. Yet I’m still content to just sit amongst the sweetly flowing scene you have captured.
    Really very wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Tikarma. As I replied to Jennifer I don’t remember the Artist’s name but I never forgot the painting.

      Have a wonderful day, Francina xx

    1. Thank you, Jackie! This was one of the paintings you at first sight think..hmm.. and then take a better look and again . Some paintings you just don’t forget. It was not van Gogh , and sadly I can not tell you the name of the artist because I forgot the name.

      Ciao, Francina

    1. Thank you, David! I have to keep you wonder though, sorry. I forgot who it was and the name of the painting I saw years ago.

      Ciao, Francina πŸ™‚

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