Once I Was

Once I was a star fallen from the sky
long before I became a butterfly,
and a free bird on the wire told me
never to rest behind a picket fence,

where I couldn’t be a cultivated rose
if I wished to be as the dandelion,
find my own place beneath the sun,
long before I was a river rushing down

from well to sea so passionately,
where I learned from a grain of sand
how to hold my ground when tides shift,
long before I was a star fallen from the sky.

33 thoughts on “Once I Was

  1. to be a fallen star and a butterfly
    in one lifetime is an accomplishment
    few can claim…I read your poem and
    know that you have done that…it soars!

    1. Francina

      Thank you , for your insightful comment! Your visit is much appreciated. I love your poems.


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I am glad I found your blog
    I will enjoy wandering through your
    wonderful thoughts!

    Take care….

    1. Francina

      Thank you, Jane, me is honored! The feeling is mutual , I love your blog too! First Steph and now you, it looks I have to spill some beams…

      love, Francina x

  3. Elise S.

    Wow. Francina, I think this is one of your finest. It has a zen-like quality, beautiful in its simplicity, and thought-provoking. Loved it.

    1. Francina

      Elise, thank you so much for the wow! From my early days in the Cage I kept a file named possible re writes and this poem is a mix of 4 poems, so I’m delighted to hear you say you loved it!

      Ciao, Francina

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