20 thoughts on “Unnoticed

    1. Francina

      Thank you ,Tai.
      and thank you for the info, that is a coincidence indeed, wondrous how some things fall in place.
      Ciao, Francina

    1. Francina

      Thank you, Eric! Your comment is always appreciated. Sadly enough there are abusive spouses too.

      luv and peace, Francina

  1. Francina, so much suggested, so much to guess at, so much to identify with in this very short and very strong poem of pain caused by (perhaps?) impulsive rushing into “love”. For these reasons, I find it very successful! Thank you, Francina!

    1. Francina

      Hoi Ina, dank je wel! Het is goed om weer wat van je te horen, ik hoop dat je een beetje opgeknapt bent!
      hartelijke groetjes, , Francina

  2. lostupabove

    That is very, very beautiful. You truly live up to Goethe’s “In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister”. So much hidden behind those words. In French we say: “Chapeau”. I love it very, very much, dear Francina.
    Veel liefs en groetjes
    Steph xxx

    1. Francina

      Thank you, Steph, for your very kind comment! Your screen must be pink by now !
      Veel liefs en groetjes,
      Francina xxx

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