14 thoughts on “The Asylum

  1. Francina, so pleased to see you are now following my blog. Welcome, dear poetess! I really enjoyed this poem about people at cracked tables sharing cracked dreams. Yes, the plants DO always seem to be dying in these settings, right? Great way to end this very effective poem about gathered disappointments.

    1. Francina

      It was my pleasure, Granbee! Thank you for your visit and much appreciated comment. And yes , it always looks like the plants seem to be dying. Weird is it not?
      Ciao, Francina

  2. Hi Francina,

    Your poem really resonated with me.

    I spent several weeks in a psychiatric hospital in 2001 (as a patient) and believe me, the conditions in there left a great deal to be desired.

    You have captured the atmosphere so well in this poem


    1. Francina

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment. I hope my poem did not bring back too bad memories (hugs)

      Ciao, Francina

  3. I wish I could say that there is no longer truth in this poem.
    Sadly I cannot.

    Our provision of care facilities for the mentally ill and for the elderly is a disgrace which is mostly swept under the carpet.

    I shall not rant although I could.

    A poem Francina which powerfully spells out a truth.


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