For All Times

For all those times
of what might have been,
but never was.

For all those chances
that have been given,
just never taken.

For all these years
when the seasons turned,
one by one.

Now, at tomorrow’s dawn,
the wind shall no longer
whisper your name,

Because time has passed,
and all chances were lost,
when the last season turned.

8 Replies to “For All Times”

    1. Thank you, Jackie. And thank you for nominating me. Happy to hear you appreciate my weblog. I will read up about the award, for I am not familiar with it. Francina

    2. You are welcome Francina, and I used the wrong word here, I am giving you the award not nominating you – sorry about that. I was new to the award too, it is given by our fellow bloggers to their favourite sites and then passed on…

    3. Thank you so much, Jackie, that was a very nice gesture you made. I appreciate it very much! Ciao, Francina

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